Mae Fah Luang University invites persons with the following qualifications to fill our vacant academic posts.

1. General Qualifications

          1.1  Understand and acknowledge the university’s professional philosophy as a public autonomous institution, and be able to teach in the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels;

          1.2  Be able to impart knowledge and ready to supervise graduate-level theses and doctoral dissertations;

          1.3  Be ready to conduct research work immediately after being appointed a faculty member, with a minimum of three concretely designed research plans;

          1.4  Be able to seek domestic and/or international research grants;

          1.5  Possess English-language proficiency and computer literacy;

          1.6  Be ready to work full time for the university;

          1.7  Understand and acknowledge the university’s faculty appraisal system and contractual terms and conditions;

          1.8  Understand, acknowledge and realise the importance of the quality assurance system adopted by the department;

          1.9  Be subject to special consideration if s/he has three or more years’ experience after receiving the degree in a relevant academic or professional field;

          1.10  Have earned minimum undergraduate and graduate GPAs of 3.00 and 3.50, respectively. Mae Fah Luang University requires a GPA due to the  mission of the university to educate higher education students. The university, therefore, need academic staff members who have academic knowledge and potential for pursuing further education in which an GPA is an essential factor;

          1.11  Have scored a minimum of 525 points or equivalent on the paper-based TOEFL or achieved band 6.0on the IELTS;

          1.12  Be subject to the qualification requirements stipulated in Mae Fah Luang University Regulations for Recruitment, Selection, Employment and Probation, BE 2550 (2007).


2. Vacant Positions and Required Degrees and Specific Qualifications



Degree and Qualifications



 Master’s degree or PhD in any of the following fields:

1. Aviation Business Management

2. Tourism Management

3. Hospitality Industry Management

4. Accounting

5. Economics

6. Business Administration

7. Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Liberal Arts

 Master’s degree or PhD in any of the following fields:

 1. English

 2. Thai 

 3. Japanese

 4.  French


Information Technology

 Master’s degree or PhD in any of the following fields:

 1. Information and Communication Engineering

 2. Information Technology 

 3. Communication Engineering


Cosmetic Science

 PhD in the following field:

 1. Cosmetic Science

  2. Beauty Technology



 Master’s degree or PhD in any of the following fields:

 1. Maternity Nursing and Midwifery

 2. Pediatrics and Adolescent Nursing

 3. Community Nursing


Health Science

 Master’s degree or PhD in any of the following fields:

 1. Public Health

 2. Biostatistics

 3. Nutrition

 4. Physical Therapy

 5. Applied Thai Traditional Medicine

 6. Sports and Health Science

 7. Environment Health

 8. Traditional Chinese Medicine

7 Medicine

Master's degree or PhD in any of the following fields:

 1. Anatomy

2. Pharmacology

3. Doctor of Medicine

8 Sinology

Master's degree or PhD in any of the following fields:

1. Chinese Studies

2. Teaching Chinese Language


3. Application for an Academic Position

            3.1  In person at

                        Personnel Division, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai

                        AD2 Building, the 3rd Floor

                        Official Hours: Monday – Friday

                        8.00 A.M. – 16.00 P.M.

           3.2  Post: Mailed, together with the required document to

                        Personnel Division

                        Mae Fah Luang University

                        333 Moo 1 Tasud, Muang District

                        Chiang Rai 57100


4. Required Application Documents

            1.  One 1-inch portrait photograph taken no more than 6 months earlier (without a hat or any decorative item and without sunglasses);

            2.  A scanned copy of the degree certificate and academic transcript for every level of education, to verify that the applicant’s degree is relevant to the position applied for;

            3.  A scanned copy of a valid English proficiency test result;

            4.  A scanned copy of the house registration certificate;

            5.  A scanned copy of the national ID card, a civil service card, etc;

            6.  Scanned copies of other documents (if any), such as a marriage certificate, name change certificate, etc; and

            7.  Other related documents, such as academic works, research studies, certificates, etc.


Note: The applicant MUST submit all of the required documents; otherwise, the university reserves the right not to consider the application.


5. Selection Procedure

Stage One:

The university will consider the applicant’s academic degrees, academic records, relevant experience, academic achievements, research works and how closely the applicant’s field of expertise corresponds to the department’s needs.  An applicant with a master’s degree will also be considered in terms of his/her Ph D pursuit potential.

Stage Two:

In case the applicant having passed stage one possesses no relevant experience, the Selection Committee will—if deemed necessary—require him/her to take a written academic test in the chosen field.

Stage Three:

Having passed stages one and two, the applicant will be interviewed, a process whereby appraisal of the applicant’s academic aptitude, professional attitude, special interests,

Documents to be presented on the day of the interview: A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s advisor or superior, or a work certification letter from the applicant’s organisation (each in a sealed envelope), must be presented to the committee on the day of the interview.

Stage Four:

Having passed the first three stages, the applicant will be subject to a teaching demonstration, which will take place with a Teaching Assessment Committee in attendance.  The teaching demonstration will be assessed in the following areas.

1. The ability to impart knowledge, which includes systematic lesson-planning, clear impartation of a subject matter and effective evaluation method; and

2. The academic knowledge in the relevant field, profound understanding in the chosen discipline and potential to become a good scholar.


The applicant must be subject to the qualification requirements stipulated in Mae Fah Luang University Regulations for Personnel Management, BE 2557 (2014). 
Qualified candidates should submit the Mental Health Examination form by psychiatrists (University form). If it is later found the prohibitions, the university has the authority to dismiss

The university reserves the right to shortlist and interview only the applicants whose qualifications meet the university’s needs.



(Assoc.Prof.Dr.Chayaporn Wattanasiri)
Vice   President
Acting on Behalf of the President, Mae Fah Luang University

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